CYD Receives 2015 Safety Site of the Year Awards


Team Gautier (L-to-R): Robert Worbington, Anna Benezue, Ricky Austin, Cody Gildea, & Justin Langston

Team Long Beach (L-to-R): Luke Stover, Kevin Patrick, Renee Rose, Milton Stewart, & Brandon Wright. (Back): Jaime Maurice


In January 2016, the Long Beach and Gautier terminals of Conrad Yelvington Distributors were recognized with Safety Site of the Year awards for their dedication and contributions to the company-wide safety culture. Long Beach ended a successful 2015 year with 123 near misses, 75 corrective actions and 13 group projects while maintaining 100% participation with these safety observations. Gautier earned their award by having the best 5S safety program in the company. They set the bar high as they made many improvements to their housekeeping and organization and continue to strive for a safe workplace environment. Both Long Beach and Gautier should be commended for their efforts in establishing best practices with the 5S and T5 safety programs.