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According to CYDI President Gary Yelvington, “…the key to our success over the past three decades has been the ability to handle large shipments of aggregate moved in a ‘dedicated unit train’ service.” With a great team of trained and dedicated employees, we continue to enjoy this success throughout our entire terminal distribution network which covers five southeastern states and includes over 50 miles of railroad track.

A variety of aggregates used in construction, landscaping and other applications are shipped to each terminal by rail. The material is unloaded from railcars into stockpiles, silos, or bins and is ready to be loaded on trucks to be shipped to jobsites or picked-up by customers with their own transportation. Material is also shipped rail-direct to our terminals for specific customer projects. By serving customers via rail, many special orders can be filled directly from sources in other states.

CYDI uses its own locomotives to switch cars into most of its terminals from holding tracks located in or near its facilities. Each car is bottom dumped into a pit that funnels materials to an underground conveyor. A railcar shaker is mounted above the rail cars to loosen any remaining material.

Since each “dedicated unit train