At CYDI, we expect our employees to work every day without an incident. This includes focusing on the prevention of injuries, fleet and equipment accidents, or any incident that can cause property or environmental damage regardless of severity.  These are areas where focus and diligence are needed in order to prevent incidents from occurring:

  1. Risk Assessment prior to performing work.
  2. Daily briefings or T-5s shall be conducted prior to the beginning of the day and prior to performing certain tasks respectively. T-5 means taking 5 minutes to discuss safety with your supervisor and/or co-workers.
  3. Safe lifting techniques (body posture, two-man lift, etc.)
  4. 3 Points of Contact for climbing onto and off of objects and equipment.
  5. Management of third-party contractors while on premises
  6. Proper tool usage
At CYDI… We Promote an Employee Driven Safety Culture

Environmental Stewardship

Our CYDI employees consider themselves to be a “team of individuals” charged with further instilling environmental stewardship as a core value of CYDI’s culture.

Each year employees nominate a group of individuals to continue the great work of the “The Green Team” which ensures we are being good neighbors in the many communities where we live and work.

Some of the great organizations we have been privileged to work within the past include:

  • “Cell Phones for Soldiers”
  • Annual Earth Day Celebrations
  • Annual “Toys for Tots” Drive
  • International Coastal Cleanup
  • Marine Science Center Entrance Beautification
  • Various “Adopt-a-Spot” Cleanup
  • Orlando Stormwater Marking
  • “Fight for Air Climb”
  • “Cram the Van” with School Supplies
  • “No Strings Attached” Clothing Drive

At CYDI, we are committed to being a good corporate citizen and helping build a safe, sustainable world by providing quality products in a responsible manner. We pride ourselves on being an active member of the communities where our employees live and work, and where we operate facilities. We are dedicated to helping meet the needs of our local communities by supporting activities that make a difference in the lives of those we serve.